Closet Organizing Tips (part one)

Monday, March 3, 2014

  • Organize your closet in the way that you get dressed. If you pick out your top first then your shirts should be at the forefront of your closet and easily accessible and your bottoms should not be far behind. This will make it convenient for you to put together a complete outfit. 
  • Tops should be organized by sleeve length. This makes everything visible. Sleeveless tops should not be hidden in between short sleeve or long sleeve tops. I find it easy to organize dresses in the same manner.
  • I like to organize by garment type. I keep all of my tops together, pants, dresses, blazers, skirts, etc.
  • You will save more space if you fold down sweaters and jeans. I would invest in pant and skirt hangers that allow you to hang multiple pieces on one hanger to save space. I fold down my trousers because of lack of space, but if I had the option I would hang them to prevent wrinkling. I do have my skirts hanging. I have a pants/skirt hanger that allows me to put 4- 6 skirts on one hanger. 
  •  T-shirts, tank tops, and other basics should be folded down in drawers or bins in your closet.
  • I keep my coats and jackets in a coat closet by my front door. Coats are bulky and heavy and take up way too much space.

I hope these tips help get you started making your closet a great place to get dressed, instead of making you feel disheveled and rushed. Stay tuned for more great tips.

Until Next Time.
Vanessa A. 

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