Its all about the DETAILS

Friday, March 7, 2014

Big, bold sunglasses add a glamorous touch to every outfit. If you want to feel like a celebrity or hide tired eyes after a raging night out, this is the way to go. My mantra when it comes to sunglasses is the bigger the better. 

 A mon avis, color blocking ... c'est passe. However, I believe the look can still be pulled off if it's done in a monochromatic palette (wearing one color from head to toe) or by wearing black and white. There is always an exception to the rule and this is it. I love the unexpected blue bag and how the patent shoe adds a sort of vibrancy to this color-blocked look. 

This is bohemian perfection! Whomever this lady is ... She Won!! The details of the jacket can stand on their own, but paired with the leather gloves, classic Chanel bag, and le hat (which is my obsession) makes this look perfection. She can have on smart joggers and a t-shirt under this jacket and she will still look like everything. Because the jacket is so loud, I would definitely recommend focusing on one color rather than trying to pull together all of the colors in that one piece. 

Hello there coat!! This is the perfect example of how a coat can transform an entire look. 
The fur collar and leather sleeves transforms this casual look from street to chic. 
 Sometimes all you need is a statement clutch and a few dainty rings to pull a look together. This black, asymmetrical clutch is gorgeous!

There have been plenty of days when I stood in front of my mirror in total distress (dramatics) because an outfit I thought I was going to love turned out to be completely basic.  I have come to the realization that I focus too much on the garments themselves and not enough on the details. Some looks can stand on their own with very minimal accessories, but most looks need something to pull it all together. It can be a fabulous shoe, the "it" bag of the moment that will make every fashion girl gag, a statement necklace, or as you see from the example above, throwing on a fabulous coat can do the trick. If you are ever having one of my uninspired moments, just remember "It's all about the DETAILS"!

Until Next Time.
Vanessa A. 


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