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Friday, April 25, 2014



I would have to confidently assume that next to diamonds, heels are a girls best friends. We require them to be high, chic, and sexy. Some of us like designer, others budget friendly show stoppers. However, we never stop to think about how our delicate little feet feel about these wondrous  works of art. During high school, I used to wear heels everyday and when I became a fashion major in college I repeated the same behavior. Even when I worked at Nordstrom I wore heels while standing on my feet for 8 hours. Older women always advised me of two things, when you get older it will be harder to keep that tiny figure and that wearing heels all the time causes damage to your feet, knees, and back. They were correct on both accounts. Throughout my career in retail as my position changed so did my style. Now instead of trying to get through nine hour days in 6 inch heels, because that was my standard heel height, I take on my day in flats or shoes with chunky heels. Thank the fashion gods for the 90's comeback. I live for a chunky heel! I still have an abundance of heels, that I do not get to wear that often, but my "shoedrobe" mostly consists of chunky heeled booties, oxfords, creepers, boots, sandals, etc. Any and everything that is practical for my work days and days out when I am not getting dressed up for a date or an event. I like to be comfortable and whoever said that flats were not chic and sexy told a bunch of tall tales. I pulled some of my favorite looks from the blogs that I peruse daily for inspiration. These ladies are proof that it is all about styling and execution. So next time you are getting ready to go to the movies or shopping with your girlfriends, think twice before you put those heels on. There is nothing less attractive than a woman walking like her feet hurts. Beauty does not always have to be painful. We ladies deserve a break from time to time. 

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