Floral Light

Thursday, April 10, 2014

 (Kimono, tank,jeans, sharktooth necklace all from H&M; Belt vintage Saks Fifth Avenue; Cut-out boots Steve Madden)

I have always had a different style, but I never thought that it would translate into a career in fashion and a complete passion for the industry and art of it all. I love how creative it allows me to be. It is self-expression personified. Everything that I purchase and wear has to be special. It is not always about the label. For me, it is more about staying true to my personal style. I am inspired by fashion and trends, but I only gravitate towards things that are organic to me. These booties and floral kimono. Two things my friends will see and say "that looks like you"! 

Keep that in mind kids when you are out there shopping or trying to figure out what your style is. You don't have to buy all the popular designers or brands (stay in your budget) and you do not have to follow all of the trends (or you end up wasting money). Just shedding some light.

Until Next Time,
Vanessa A.


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