Style Tips: Dressing Up Your Swimwear

Friday, May 30, 2014

( All pieces H&M )  

 (Bikini and Shorts H&M )
 (All pieces H&M  )
( Bikini and Kimono H&M  )

Many years ago, I used to cry at the thought of wearing a bikini and shopping for a new one felt like the worst experience of my life. Mainly because I was insecure about my body and because wearing a bikini is almost the same as wearing bra and panties in public. Thanks to my amazing fiance, I don't have those issues anymore. He helped me realize that there was nothing wrong with the way that I looked and it also helped knowing that he thinks I look hot in bikinis.  I used to wear the same ugly one for years, but now I have a collection of 13 bikinis that can be mixed and matched.

My favorite place to shop for bikinis is H&M because they are affordable. If you go to a department store or surf shop then you may end up spending close to 50.00 for one bikini. I purchased all four bikinis (top and bottoms sold desperately) for 4.95 per piece. The third bikini is actually 9.95 per piece but I purchased it when it was on sale. You would think that the quality has to suck because of the cheap price, however that is not the case. The quality is pretty good, like most H&M pieces, and the fit is also decent. Now I must be honest, if you have curves of any sort (especially large breasts and a booty) then you might want to size up because H&M clothing can run a little small because of the European fit. Other than that, the fit is great and the coverage is pretty decent. 

I know a lot of the time ladies just like to wear denim shorts and flip-flops to the beach or pool, but with so many great options why not put our best style on show at the one place we know is going to be packed with onlookers this spring and summer: the beach or the pool. Here are some of my tips for looking your best when going to tan, swim, or just enjoy a day of sun and sand with friends and family:

1) Ditch the flip-flops for cute sandals. Flip-Flops look cheap, dirty, and break easily. Get a pair of jeweled sandals for a glam look.Or you can just wear your Birkenstocks, slip-ons, or sliders to the pool and be totally on trend. 

2.) If you are going to wear denim shorts make sure your bikini top or one piece makes a statement on it's own or pair it with a cool kimono. Don't cover up that sexy suit with a tank or tee. That would be a boring snooze festival from hell. 

3.) When all else fails where a nice cover-up, tunic, or dress. Dress it up with some nice sandals and your good to go. Quick and easy.

4.) And last but not least, ACCESSORIZE!! Ladies we have so many options there is no excuse to look a mess at the beach. Grab a floppy hat or fedora to cover up that wet hair, some cool sunnies to protect your eyes, a bright or printed tote to carry your beach towel, sunscreen, and make-up bag, and some dainty jewelry that won't break or turn.

Until Next Time, 
Vanessa  A. 


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