Crown and Coffee

Friday, February 27, 2015


There is no better way to start a long day at work than with a cup of coffee. I think that Starbucks is every working girls best friend. A cup of coffee is normally my go to accessory on working days. My other go to is an all black ensemble. When I wear all black I like to play with textures and layering to make it more interesting. This blouse from H&M is two toned so it gives the illusion that there was some layering involved when in reality I chucked on a shirt with some jeans and headed out the door. 

If you are wondering about my interesting hair do ... I have locs and I decided to braid them up in a crown. I  have been growing my locs for almost 10 years and I rarely style them, but my fiance kind of encouraged me to try something new. He is pretty awesome in that way. I love my hair because it is low maintenance and versatile. It can sometimes serve as an extra accessory ... like today. 

Until Next Time, 
Vanessa A. 


  1. I like the two tone shirt, and yep loc crowns are great. I think that's going to be my style for the next couple of months.

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to experiment with different styles and this one is my favorite so far.


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