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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I rarely go into Forever 21. I have been jaded by the myth that a woman of a certain age shouldn't shop there, so when I do  I feel like I need to be wearing a big hat and some dark shades. However, I could not pass on either of these beauties. One thing I can attest to is that Forever 21 has chic shoes that are pretty decent quality considering how inexpensive they are. I have a pair of boots that I've had for a few years and they are still in pretty good shape and don't hurt my feet. When you are on your feet running around all day chic and comfortable shoes are a blessing. I refuse to sacrifice style for comfort and vice versa. Enough of my rant, the point is buy the shoes if you have not already because they are perfection.

Until Next Time, 
Vanessa A. 


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