That 70's Vibe

Thursday, March 12, 2015


BCBG Paris bag from TJ Maxx 

These days it seems as if we are all inundated with fashion trends. Social media, television and magazines are filled with who is wearing what, what the hottest trends are, and what you should be wearing. It can be extremely overwhelming, even for a fashion lover like myself. That's why it is important to know what your personal style is and what works for you.

However, one trend that I am enjoying experimenting with at the moment is the 70's trend. I have always loved vintage clothing, but some of my favorite trends from the past have always been wide leg pants, flared pants, and prints of the past. I always say playing with different silhouettes, textures, prints, etc. make fashion more fun and interesting. 

Today when I was getting ready for work I decided to have fun with the 70's vibe trend. When I saw these trousers in H&M I knew that they would pair perfectly with this printed t-shirt that I also purchased from H&M weeks before. To me it is very 70's without being too literal. The look is still modern and chic. If you're wondering the trousers fit like a dream and the t-shirt is super soft. I was comfortable running around at work for 9 hours in this fabulous get up. That's all that really matters, right? If you look good you will feel good ... no matter what trends you choose to follow or not follow! 

Until Next Time, 
Vanessa A.


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