Peace & Happiness: A Celebration of Life

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On April 3rd I celebrated my birthday in downtown Raleigh with a few good friends. We played old school arcade games, had a few drinks, and had a very late dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. It was the perfect night for me. 

As I get older I realize that the most important thing in my life is my peace and happiness. As cliche as that may sound it is so very true. We are overwhelmed with the idea of what the perfect life is supposed to be on social media and television, but in reality a happy life is what we make it. 

I am very grateful for the blessings that I have received for the past 28 years of my life and I look forward to the next journey. Remember always be  grateful, live in faith, and believe in yourself. 

Until Next Time, 
Vanessa A.


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